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Titanium Corporation has developed innovative new technologies which Create Value from WasteTM processing oil sands tailings into valuable products. The following video provides an overview of the company's value proposition. View Video

Titanium Corporation offers the best available technology today to dramatically reduce the environmental impact of oil sands tailing while recovering economically valuable products that would otherwise be lost.

Titanium and its funding partners have invested $60 million to develop and pilot-test a breakthrough technology that reduces the environmental footprint of tailings and ponds by recovering valuable bitumen, solvents and minerals from tailings streams.

In commercial deployment, the Titanium technology would entail building a new facility next to existing bitumen froth treatment plants, which would apply a secondary stage of treatment before the waste from froth treatment enters the tailings pond. This secondary "end-of-pipe" treatment would recover economically attractive quantities of residual bitumen (heavy oil), solvents (naphtha), and heavy minerals (zircon and titanium). This patent-protected technology, developed over 8 years, has been extensively proven at a demonstration plant supported financially by the Governments of Canada and Alberta and with the participation of major oil sands companies.

Titanium's Value-from-WasteTM technology is ready for commercialization today, requiring only the capital required to build a commercial plant and agreement from an oil sands operator ready to be an early mover by hosting the first of these facilities.

Titanium offers a rare win-win solution - both the resource conservation benefits and the economic case for implementation are compelling.

The Titanium solution has the potential to recover 28,000 barrels a day of residual bitumen and valuable solvent as well as commercial quantities of heavy minerals, once implemented at current oil sands mines in Alberta.

Greenhouse gas emissions from the mined bitumen production phase could be reduced by 20% per cent, VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions from tailings could be reduced by 80 per cent, and river water use could be reduced by 25 per cent with this technology.

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